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Dear Linda,
First of all,  apologies  for  only  sending  the review  now, but  I  wanted  to   make sure   that your healing worked and it did and still does. I had a great and deep experience doing the soul retrieval with you.

Processing the fears and learning to trust again, was what I wanted and steadily but continuously I am feeling better every day. You gave me back my zest for life, the trust I needed and above all the love for myself. Everyday I discover bits and pieces I loved about myself but lost during the last couple of years. Slowly but surely, I am  regaining  it  all   and it makes  me  happier, more satisfied and calm and comfortable in my body. You did a fantastic job and I loved getting to know you! You are such a wonderful person and I recommend everyone who travels to Hawaii to go and visit you and let the magic happen!

Thank you so much Linda, you did so much good to me!! You are such a powerful shining person, you made a big impression on me and my boyfriend. We still talk about you and I have you in my thoughts every day!

Many many thanks and lots of shining love and light to you!!!
Big hugs from Austria,

I have been going to see Linda for about four years for healing sessions.  The first time I saw her it was to help my cat who was already in the dying process.  She was able to do energy healing on my cat and allowed her to have a pleasant peaceful transition.  

Since then, I have gone to see her for myself and also refer her to everyone I know who are open to real inner growth.  The healing sessions that she does with me are the Life Journey Sessions.  I have done a few each year that I have known Linda.  

Each  time I see  her  for  this, I make  a  huge  positive  leap  forward  in  my spiritual evolution.  I have gone through extremely challenging times, and with her unique and wonderful skills I was able to transform very deep trauma and move forward.    

From the very first time I went to her for a Life Journey Session, she was able to help me to get in touch with my Higher Self very quickly within the start of the session, which was the most amazing experience.  I was also able to see past lives and other aspects of myself for the first time with her helping me to open up my intuitive abilities.   She then guides me to undo negative emotional programming from my past.   Her healing sessions have also helped me to gain more confidence and ability in tuning in to my divine inner voice when I am not with her.  In fact, this is part of the goal of her sessions, she wants her clients to be able to get strong enough that they can develop their own divine strength and also be able to connect to the Higher Self/inner voice on their own.

This last time I went to see her we used the SKYourself technique as part of the Life Journey Session.  With this technique, I was able to shed negative feelings very quickly from the deepest emotional wounds from my past.   I am not exactly sure how she did it, but she got me to focus and bring up feelings that were buried.  I immediately could feel a major shift in my aura/energy flow during that session as that extra baggage was released for good.   It has been a few weeks now, and I still feel the positive effects of the last session in my energy flow.   

Ever since then, at every moment, I can feel a different high vibration energy that I did not feel before. Also, people react to me differently and better opportunities immediately came my way.   I know that this is a result of clearing out the blockages and past negative programming/energetic patterns.  

I believe that anyone could benefit from one of these healing sessions, especially those who think they don’t have anything to work on. 

I.J., Honolulu, Hawaii

I have been a client of Alana Healing since 2017 and Linda has changed my life.  Her Massage & Energy work is amazing, and her Distance Healing is miraculous!

I developed lockjaw after an orthodontic treatment…due to the Dentist holding my jaw muscle way too hard and for too long a time.  For months afterwards, I could not open my mouth enough to eat a sandwich, for example.  I ate only soft things and liquids. I couldn’t even yawn.  It was very painful, and its duration was depressingly long.

When I mentioned it to Linda, she suggested that perhaps she could work on it remotely, which she then did for a few treatments, and VOILA, it went completely away (which sometimes does not happen with this malady). 

I am now 100%, and can open my big mouth without pain any time I want to!!  This was my Alana miracle.

Linda has worked on both me and my sister remotely, and the results are absolutely amazing.  I highly recommend Alana Healing to anyone and everyone!
Thanks, Linda!

Kelly Jackson 
Honolulu, Hawaii

To Whom It May Concern:
Re:  Linda Iwamoto
       Distance Healing

Have any of you out there ever had diverticulitis, or a knot in your neck that feels like a pinched nerve that literally makes you think you are going to faint from the pain, or a cold that turns into a sinus infection, and a cough that won’t go away?  Welcome to the first three weeks of my year, 2018.

My kitchen counter went from exhibiting a beautiful display of vegetables and flowers, to a skyline of bottles and packages of Metamucil, Ibuprofen, Antibiotics, Mucinex, Flonase, heat packs, and generally anything I could think of to relieve the succession of these ailments that are considered somewhat common for older people.

Luckily, I know of a healer named Linda Iwamoto.  My sister found her accidentally while trying to find a massage therapist for her Scoliosis.  Then we found out about her ability to heal a person from a remote location.  You don’t even have to be there.  I was pretty skeptical at first, but you get to where you will try almost anything to stop the relentless progression of illnesses that are dive-bombing you one after the other for no reason.
This woman has a gift and it is genuine.  With each ailment, I asked her to please do a distance healing and with each ailment, she did…and it worked in a way I have never experienced before.  Some of these symptoms have lasted for weeks with me. But after Linda did her healing thing, these problems dissolved. Each one in turn was stopped almost overnight.

If you need a real healer, here’s what you should do.  Call her.  Tell her what the problem is.  She will tell you about what time she will begin her process on you and about how long the healing will take.  Say to yourself, ‘Do your thing, Linda, I’m ready.’  And then just relax or go to sleep.  Then send her a pittance for her magic.

You can thank me later.

Sally Jackson
Honolulu, Hawaii

On March 3, 2004, I was stricken by a kidney stone attack. "Stricken" and "attack", although strong words, do not come close to adequately describing the extreme amount of pain that I experienced.  It came with no warning and was literally crippling.
The following evening as I suffered through another attack of intense pain, I thought about the Distance Healing that Linda had spoken of.  The next morning, Linda and I discussed my situation and a course of treatment.
The treatment that she designed would be to have my body naturally and easily allow the kidney stone to pass with a minimal amount of pain.  I did not experience any pain again until Monday, March 8, 2004. It was brief and tolerable, not even close to what it had been.
I telephoned Linda regularly to inform her of my progress. She continued energy treatments as necessary based upon daily muscle testing.  I had no further problems with pain until nearly one week later - again, an episode which was brief and tolerable.
Linda changed my course of treatment slightly to have my body operate at its optimum to easily transport waste and the kidney stone out of my system with the least amount of pain. The processing time for this phase was March 20 - 21, 2004.
On Sunday, March 21, 2004, what I thought was a kidney stone passed from my body. The following day, I was scheduled to see a urologist.  The kidney stone had been with me for too long, there was a risk of kidney damage and I was facing a possible medical procedure to extract the stone. So, with great hope I turned the "object" in to the doctor who proclaimed that it was indeed a kidney stone.
The entire experience was horrible for me and I must admit that I still harbor a fear of its return.  I truly believe that the Distance Healing helped the stone pass and minimized my pain.  In addition, I was given strength of mind in the knowledge that there was positive, healing energy being directed toward me during this ordeal.
S.C. Honolulu, Hawaii

Alana Healing Center offers a variety of services to heal the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of the individual. I highly recommend the services provided by Linda Iwamoto. She is a very compassionate, ethical and skilled practitioner who is very honest and conducts herself and her gift in the highest regards.
In April 2010 I was pregnant and diagnosed with cancer in my left breast. I shared this news with Linda and she suggested I try out some of the services she provides. We started with hypnotherapy and meditation sessions. These sessions provided me with a sense of peace and enabled me to find a sense of calmness during those dark and desperate times.
My oncologist recommended I started chemotherapy immediately while pregnant. I worked with Linda a treatment plan using Distance Healing while receiving the toxic medication. To my benefit I never experienced the side effects most individuals have while receiving chemotherapy such as nausea, vomiting, mouth sores and low blood counts.
Linda guided me through several Life Journey Sessions which I felt was so important for me to experience prior to giving birth. It's such a wonderful experience to have Linda guide you to a safe place where you can explore and connect with the past. This experience allowed me to understand behaviors/beliefs within myself so that I could heal and move forward to live in the present moment. 
It was easy to develop a deep sense of trust when working with Linda especially on sensitive matters. Linda works with the principal of truth and integrity and thus you start to become honest about how you live your life. She has helped me immensely on a multitude of levels and I will always be grateful for how she has helped me.
Oh....I am happy to report in August 2010 I gave birth to a healthy baby girl. 
Thank you, Linda
M.Y.  Honolulu Hi
Alana Healing Center offers a myriad of services that heals the body and soul.  As the body and spirit are inextricably connected, to heal the one always affects the other.  I have watched Linda bring soothing relief to a person in pain through massage.  Distance Healing has helped several members of my family.  Life Journey Sessions have illuminated many difficult chapters in my own life.  
If we acknowledge the world in front of our eyes, we must also see the significance of the world behind our eyes.  Alana Healing Center addresses the whole person living in both worlds.  It is truly a unique service and one that we all deserve."
N.M.  Honolulu, Hawaii
Hi Linda, What a wonderful batch of treatment notes.  The immediate effect of your work is always so apparent.  Maharishi calls it dying the cloth: It's bright yellow when it first comes out of the vat and then, it fades slightly in the sun and becomes more color-fast.
Likewise, the expanded state is most noticeable at first and then, it becomes less contrasting and more natural as it integrates.  I love the first flashy feeling, but I also love noticing the weeks and months and years later how a change has really held.  It's also satisfying to keep chipping away at an old problem until just the right angle seems to suddenly break the log-jam (this refers to the jam in my awareness more than the jam in the situation!).
L.Q. Kapaa, Hawaii


My life was turned upside down when my  32 year old son was murdered in September 2012. It has been a long slow, agonizing journey which will most likely continue for years. I have known Linda Iwamoto for more than 20 years and I trust her integrity, her intuitive/healing abilities and her willingness to learn more about all aspects of healing.

Recently,  Linda  told  me  she  was  going to  take a seminar   in a new  healing  process  called SKYourself.  When she explained it to me,   I thought  it might   be helpful  in dealing   with  the personality changes that have occurred to me since my son's death.  I have become a very different person; a person that I don't appreciate very much.  I expected to experience emotional pain but didn't expect my basic personality to change.

When Linda told me that the SKYourself sessions could release emotional blockages which can be the cause for almost any mental, emotional, physical or spiritual difficulties, I was ready to try it.

This technique is different   from other emotional release techniques   in that   you do not actually have to talk about the details of your problem.    You choose a focus   for each session  and Linda uses her newly learned intuitive skills   to help you  release the blockage(s).   She will   ask  you questions & guide you during the session to reach your goal for that session, but she does not ask you for the details of the painful experience that is causing the blockage.

I have had several sessions with Linda, and after each session, I have healed a part of me.  It is really me that is healing myself with Linda guiding the process.  This is what I appreciate about the technique.  One does learn how to heal oneself,   which I believe  should be the goal   of  any healing technique.  Because the death of a child brings up many layers of emotional grief, some of which even surprised me, there is no easy fix.  This is a healing journey  for which   I am deeply grateful for Linda's abilities. 

S.B.  Honolulu, Hawaii

I need to thank Linda greatly  for the wonderful work  she’s done. I was in pain with many stress related ailments.   Most of which   was in the  lower  abdominal  area.   Regular  medical doctors couldn’t help me at all with medicines.  

I also tried   acupuncture and herbal remedies  with very limited results.  I found out  that  the  pain,   which was like ulcers,   had its roots  in  stress and emotional baggage built up over the years. Things that were suppressed for decades were rotting me from the inside and taking its toll on my health.

I consulted Linda  and she used a system called  SKYourself, as well as, other healing techniques. Linda helped me to clear out so much built up & pent up emotional sewage each time  I  had a session. I was surprised to see so much garbage, it was like a landfill.

After a number of months, I am so much better. The intestines don’t hurt like they use to and my overall well being and health is so much better. I definitely recommend seeking help from Linda.

D.N.  Pearl City, Hawaii


I have been working with Linda for nearly two months with our focus on a chronic condition with my knees.  I have found her work to be effective & of high quality and I leave her office rejuvenated & free of any pain that I walked in with.   Linda exudes a genuine caring for your comfort and well-being.   She generously shares her vast knowledge which has supported me with new awareness for self-healing.  Skilled in a range of modalities, Linda combines her abilities with her intuition to customize a session specific to your healing.  Mahalo Linda!

M. L., Kane'ohe, Hawai'i

After an Amazing Grace session with Linda, I noticed a remarkable decrease in the level of pain I experienced.   During the session, I felt Linda guide warm healing energy into and around the area of focus infusing relaxation where I was tight.  I found myself breathing deeply and deliberately along with her consciously participating in the experience.  When the session was over, the feeling of warmth and relaxation stayed with me for hours.  Healing through grace is truly amazing and Linda is my guide.

After my second Amazing Grace session with Linda, the pain I had endured for nearly three years continues to subside.  All I do is relax while Linda does all the work. She intuitively places her healing hands on me while I consciously practice stillness and relaxation.  Thank you Linda for taking such care to share this amazing practice with me.
K.Y. Honolulu, Hawaii

Combination Distance amazinGRACE & Distance work on Hernia:

I want to thank Linda very much for bringing great relief to my hernia problem through
Distance amazinGRACE & Distance Healing.  My hernia was a deep rooted problem that started  3 years  ago.  I  could  not  get  rid  of  the  hernia  using  any  of  the  available treatments through regular medical doctors. 

The pain was really bad at times, especially when I was under a lot of stress and I did not get enough rest.  Distance amazinGRACE & Distance Healing brought  great  relief to  the  inflamed  area and I was able to do my chores  around  the house at nearly a normal pace. 

The  Distance  Healing  was  totally convenient because I did not have to physically visit Linda's office.  All the treatments could  be  done  while  I  was  at  home  or  even when  I  was  out  shopping. I greatly recommend people try the Distance amazinGRACE & Distance Healing combination.  It really worked on my chronic ailment.

Lots of Aloha, Linda,
D.N. Pearl City, Hawaii

Today I was the recipient of a new treatment called amazingGRACE. The treatment was significant in that Linda did not manipulate the skin or muscles. She placed her hands strategically on tender areas and breathed in and out rhythmically. I became focused on her breath.  I was so relaxed that I seemed to enter another level. There were a couple of places on my back that tingled for a short period. At the end of the session, we talked about the pain rates. I did not notice much change in the pain except for two fingers that are arthritic.

Two observations come to mind after the experience: 
1) I like the simple laying of hands without manipulation. 
2) It seems the treatment may work over time.

I felt very relaxed and in a less petty frame of mind, like I'm mentally floating above the fray. What a relief! So, if we had rated my mental chatter at a 7, it would be a 4 after the treatment.

D.D. Honolulu, Hawaii


LINDA!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE FOUND SCRAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Last night at about 10:30 we got a call from one of the girls at the house. She said he just barked to come in the house and they opened the door and he went in!! Isnt that amazing!!! All your hard work WORKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The girl said she was cooking chili so he probably smelled that and wanted to eat :O) We're soooo happy!! Can't thank you enough. we tried calling you this morning, but I think you were in a session.  We wanted to call you last night, but by the time we got him it was 11:15.  Thank you Linda!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
T.F. Honolulu, Hawaii 
(Note:Scrappy was so nervous that although we could see him in a wooded area in Palolo Valley, he wouldn't come to his owners. I did Distance Healing to allow Scrappy to go to a nearby home, feel safe to go into the house & to allow the owner of the home to contact Scrappy's owners.)

My elderly dog fell into a canal of dirty water while we were walking.  Doing errands afterwards in the car he was suddenly writhing in excruciating pain to his ear.  Sitting in the car, I called Linda in a panic.  Miraculously she answered immediately and began giving him treatments.  In less than a minute his writhing stopped and so, apparently, did the pain.  He never exhibited that behavior again.
I'm not sure if he got water against his damaged ear membranes, or something else, but I don't believe he would have survived that pain much longer.  I will never forget the gratitude I felt to have a way to stop his suffering.  Nothing less than total anesthesia would have relieved him and that would have been a long time coming under the circumstances.  Linda's help was instant and effective and compassionate.  She has always been able to help my animals and me when I needed it.

LL, Honolulu, Hawaii

Hi Linda! 
Oh! Did I ever tell you? Those two dogs of Jen's and Chris's are Best Friends now. It's really too cute. It happened really quickly after your session. Loved that! Made so much sense why they had to get the puppy -- they were drawn to each other. Jen and Chris are thrilled because the dogs entertain each other and it's less work for them. 
G.Q. Ann Arbor, Michigan 
I lost my cat, Milo, as I was painting the front door. She slipped out without my noticing and  I realized she was really gone when my other cat mewed excitedly and we couldn’t find her. The next morning, I drove to the Humane Society to borrow traps and file a lost pet report. On the way, I  contacted Linda as part of the recovery plan. Linda tuned in and assured  me  that  Milo  was alive  and  on  the  premises.   That  was  a  comfort. 
I searched the property several times, calling her name, shaking a bag of her favorite treats, and talked to neighbors  That afternoon Linda said she  began working on Milo with Distance Healing to return home on her own.  Linda taught me how to mentally send pictures to Milo.
As the day darkened, it hurt to think she would be spending another night away from home. How  could  she  find  our  door  when  there  were  so  many  that l ooked alike?
I prepared myself for the possibility that she was gone forever.  At 11:47 p.m.  I heard a loud noise at the front door, like  someone  was  fumbling  to  put  the  key  in  the  lock.
I opened the door and in dashed Milo.
The next day Linda said that she had tuned in to Milo just after 11:00 pm. Through their communication she learned that Milo did not want to come home because there was a spirit in the condo. Although this was a good spirit, it had been rude to Milo. Linda asked the spirit to leave and asked Milo if she wanted to go home now that the spirit was gone. Linda joined Milo on the journey to the door; apparently Milo knew how to get home all the time. Linda senses that the spirit will return because it looks after me. She suggested that an agreement be made with the spirit to respect Milo’s  place in our home.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.  
Honolulu, Hawaii

My Chocolate Lab, Savannah, injured her leg while speeding thru the kitchen one day.  She was limping & experiencing recurring pain for many, many months.  After receiving Distance Healing treatments, she no longer limps or is in pain.  Once again, she's speeding around the house just as good as new! 
Also, our family  was   going  through  some  major  changes  which  were  negative  in nature.  Savannah  noticed,  felt  uneasy & was  somewhat agitated.  Linda was able to communicate with her to calm her & let her know what was going on.  Linda also learned from Savannah  that  she  needed  me  to  talk  to  her  more  &  let  her know what was happening.  I never had a "heart to heart"  with  Savannah  because I  didn't think I was capable  of  communicating  with  her  that  way.  One  day  I  explained to her all of the changes that were occurring.  She settled down &  listened intently to what I was saying.  I now tell her everything & she's happy & content again. 
S.C. & Savannah (extremely happy Chocolate Lab)! 
Honolulu, Hawaii
We  were  very  distraught  and  did  not know where to turn as we thought the worst had happened when our family cat did not return home for a couple of days, a week and then almost two weeks.  After calls to the Humane Society and long walks during the morning and evening in the neighborhood calling his name, we decided to talk to Linda at Alana Healing Center to see what she might be able to do for us.  Our family was so relieved when Linda told us that she had been able to help others find their "lost" pets...and urge them to return home. 
Since we have known Linda for over 10 years, we somehow trusted she would be able to make this happen.  Well, very soon after that, as we had hoped, Linda was successful!!!  Our family was so overjoyed when our cat, Patrick came home, limping and emaciated, looking like he may have been hit by a car...We are forever indebted to Linda as she has helped  us  address  many  a family  and a  number of  personal  health  issues.  Most importantly, she  had  brought our cat back home to us and he has recovered from his injuries.  Our  family  is  so  grateful  to  Linda  for  her  compassion  and  her  distance work...She is a very gifted and amazing person - Thank you, Linda!!! 
Gail & Family
Honolulu, Hawaii

We have a cute , beloved 4yr old Maltese that has had skin allergies and most recently diagnosed with canine epilepsy.   Her seizures began in Feb  and escalated to 7 in one 24 hour period.  This  resulted  in  a  2 day  ER stay and the introduction of anti-seizure medicine. It was very frightening.  We wondered if she was going to leave us.

Having controlled the seizures  with  medication,  we called Linda   to see  if we could treat her energetically as well.   We got together  for a Crystal Healing  &  SKYourself  session.   It was amazing.  The  weight  of  the  world  had  been  lifted  from  our  dog. Ironically it was us that had to "release" emotionally in order to take the burden from our dog.

I realized  that the greatest gift a dog can give  is to ground and stabilize  the emotional ups & downs of its humans.  I believe the session not only helped our dog , it helped us as well.

N.M.  Honolulu, Hawaii

Linda is a highly intuitive & gifted  healer. Her expertise & willingness to combine  integrative practices in Distance Healing prolonged Deva’s (our 18 year old kitty) life & brought her/us much comfort during her battle with stage four bladder cancer.

Our holistic vet was very pleased and appreciative to collaborate with Linda. Linda’s compassion & ego-less approach to healing combines a down-to-earth pragmatic way of communication which was so appreciated during our Deva’s healing crisis. She assisted Deva and our Ohana to gracefully transition through the stages of death. It was obvious that Linda & Deva had a clear line of communication even when she passed into Spirit.  Although we mourn the death of our beloved kitty, her journey transformed our Ohana in large part due to Linda’s “impeccability” and skills as a healing practitioner.

Lee, Pearl City, Hawaii