ALANA HEALING CENTER - 1188 Bishop St, #1206 Honolulu, Hawaii 96813 (808)551-3322
ALANA HEALING CENTER provides quality, experienced Medical Massage, Hypnotherapy, Life Journey Sessions, Crystal Healing, Healing Meditations, Distance Healing, SKYourself, Intuitive Readings, Spiritual Healing for Relationships & amazinGRACE
Located in downtown Honolulu, at the top of Bishop & Beretania Streets, validated parking provided.
Office hours by appointment
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday  10:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Saturday  10:30 a.m. - 1 p.m.
Closed on Sunday & Wednesday


MEDICAL MASSAGE works specifically on muscular problems of the body. If you have chronic low back pain, tension headaches,  throbbing, tingling or pulling sensations, Medical Massage may assist you in taking a progressive step toward relieving your discomfort.
Medical Massage Techniques include:
This technique relieves constrictions within the deeper layers of fascia or connective tissue.  It's focus is on treating the symptom and the cause of the discomfort.  Myofascial Release is very effective in treating chronic pain and provides relaxation from stress and tension.
ACUPRESSURE reduces tension, increases circulation and stimulates the body's natural healing process to help relieve pain and discomfort. As an acupressure point is pressed, the muscle tension yields to the finger pressure and allows the muscle fiber to elongate and relax.
15 minutes: $25.00
30 minutes: $40.00
45 minutes: $60.00
1 hour: $75.00
90 minutes: $110.00
No-Fault, Work Comp & American Specialty Health (ASH) insurance accepted
26 years experience in Auto injury, Work injury & Chronic pain

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This is an out of pocket fee.
Not covered by health insurance. 
Must present valid insurance card at time of appointment.

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             Regular Massage fees:        25% off price: 
            15 minutes:     $25.                  $18.75 
            30 minutes: $40.                  $30. 
            45 minutes: $60.                  $45. 
            1 hour: $75.                            $56.25
            1.5 hour: $110.                      $82.50

HYPNOTHERAPY may be considered to be one of the safest modalities to use towards changing a habit or healing a medical condition.  Nothing physical is introduced into the body and yet, healing can occur.  Hypnosis uses the power of the client’s subconscious mind and the hypnotherapist is merely the guide who directs and leads the client in the process.
Hypnotherapy can be used to :
Learn to Relax, Reduce Stress, Decrease Anxiety, Reduce & Eliminate Phobias, Improve Self Esteem, Improve Study Habits, Improve Memory & Concentration, Reduce Test Anxiety, Manage Depression, Learn a Foreign Language, Improve Health & Assist with Healing, Assist Recovery from Bell’s Palsy, Manage Seasickness and much more!
4 - 6 sessions/45 min to 1 hour per session: $75 per session
Introduction to Hypnotherapy - 30 minute session: $40

HEALING MEDITATIONS - Sometimes clients are reluctant to try Hypnotherapy due to fear or nervousness, the Healing Meditation is a good alternative. You may choose from the list above for Hypnotherapy or discuss what you would like to focus on.
$60 per session
LIFE JOURNEY SESSION is an open session for Connecting with your Higher Self, Working with Spirit Guides, Past life work, Healing work, Soul retrieval, Rescinding of vows and promises made in past lives, Channeling of information or Exploration of why we feel a certain way such as:  why do I always feel so lonely, sad, angry or depressed.
During your session, we will receive impressions or information to heal and understand the focus of your session.  We will use our imagination, skills and senses of seeing, hearing, feeling and knowing as tools for self exploration, empowerment and transformation. Your participation is encouraged.
Life Journey Session may take 1 to 2 hours
CRYSTAL HEALING: The Ancient Art Of Laying On Of Stones is one of the most efficient methods to cleanse and clear the auric field of suppressed trauma, release old patterns and/or connect a person with their own source of truth and power.  The Crystals assist in this process by increasing the amount of light present in the aura and it activates the more powerful, subtle realms of  our being. 
The increased energy and vibration of the crystals dissolve and dissipate energies that may cloud the auric field, confuse the mind or dis-ease the body.  Negative energies are neutralized and cleared  from  the  auric field and in it’s place,  a new energy  takes it's place.  This new energy is based in self-love and inner truth. It is the responsibility of the individual receiving the healing to let go of the old energy and adopt the new energy.  

45 minutes: $60
1 hour: $75

THE ULTIMATE VIBRATIONAL HEALING SESSION WITH CRYSTALS, FLOWERS & LEAVES!!!   During this session, the flowers & leaves add it’s own unique vibrational healing energy to your session.   Just like Crystals - Flowers and Leaves have specific healing properties, too.

Rosemary stimulates the senses and improves mental clarity. Eucalyptus oxygenates the body’s systems & balances the heart chakra.  Tuberose stimulates the crown chakra.  Ginger increases self worth, it allows people to understand the appropriate use of their own talents.  
75 minutes: $150
90 minutes: $180
Clients email information for treatments.  All  treatments are documented on the computer.  After  the treatments have been done, treatment notes are sent via email.
Distance Healing may include Healing Energy, Past Life Therapy, Crystal Therapy on Photos, Guidance from your Higher Self or Healing with the assistance of Archangels & Healing Angels.
Distance Healing may alleviate physical problems such as headaches, neck pain, back pain, hip pain, knee pain and shoulder pain, colds, flus, eye infections, cold sores, sprains, strains, tension, accelerate recovery from Bells Palsy, surgery and injuries. It may also provide insight & healing 
of repetitive patterns in one's life or provide spiritual guidance to help one move forward in life.
I've worked with clients located at Oahu, Kauai, Big Island, Michigan, Iowa, Ohio, New York, North Carolina, Oregon, Washington D.C.,  Pennsylvania, Florida, Missouri, California, Canada, Japan, India and Iraq.
Animals love Distance Healing, too!
Distance Healing has helped heal  infections, injuries and cuts, eye infections, an infected tongue, abcesses for animals. It can also  provide general health  maintenance. I've worked on cats, dogs and horses located at Oahu, Kauai, Arizona, California, Iowa, North Carolina, Ohio, Maryland, Oregon, Pennsylvania and Washington D.C.
$3 per minute
Average treatment 3 - 7 minutes
Receive answers to your questions
Receive messages from your Higher Self 
Receive messages from your Spirit Guides
Past Life Therapy: Explore & Heal Past Lives to enhance & improve your current lifetime
15 minutes: $37.50
30 minutes: $75.00
45 minutes: $112.50
1 hour: $150.00
Understand & Heal Repetitive Patterns in your Life or in Relationships with Others
This is an open session for Past life work, Healing work, Soul retrieval, Rescinding of Vows & Promises made in past lives.
There's a lot of information held in past life experiences and we tend to repeat situations in present life to learn life lessons.This is a great healing modality when we can't figure out "what am I supposed to learn to move forward in this situation" or "why do I feel so lonely all the time, even though I'm surrounded by good friends & family" or " Why do I feel a certain way towards a particular person, i.e. why do I feel uncomfortable when I'm around Joe?" or "Why does Joe seem so uncomfortable around me?"  or "Why can't Joe and I get along - why are we always fighting about nothing?"  This session is great for  situations that just don't make any sense according to present life situations.
During your session, we will receive impressions or information to heal and understand the focus of your session.  We will use our imagination, skills and senses of seeing, hearing, feeling and knowing as tools for self exploration, empowerment and transformation. Your participation is encouraged.
Spiritual Healing Sessions may take 90 minutes to 2 hours

Remove Emotional Blocks to Move Forward with Your Life

The SKYourself method of healing was developed by Annette Müller, founder & director of  ÉCOLE SAN ESPRIT, the first stationary specialized clinic for spiritual healing in Germany and the school for healers.

SKYourself is an energetic-spiritual healing method that is accomplished without bodily contact with the client. This method will allow you to free yourself and others from the chains of emotional blockages. Very positive changes occur through the SKYourself sessions.

$3.35 per minute
Sessions may take 45 minutes to 1 hour

amazinGRACE: Energy Healing through Divine Grace
Spiritual Energetic healing method developed by Annette Muller, founder & director of  ÉCOLE SAN ESPRIT, the first stationary specialized clinic for spiritual healing in Germany and the school for healers.

amazinGRACE is practiced by hundreds of practitioners in Europe.  Healing is accomplished by laying on of hands or by transmission of energy without touching the body.  amazinGRACE may help reduce pain, reduce inflammation, increase mobility, reduce sinusitis, relieve carpal tunnel syndrome, reduce stiffness, manage cancer, reduce headaches, support healing from surgery, improve walking up or down stairs, improve sleep, support healing process of pancreatitis, relieve sciatica, improve scoliosis, reduce chronic tiredness, improve circulation, manage hernias, energetically adjust the spine to alleviate pain & discomfort, support healing process of Bells Palsy, clear the mind & provide clarity of mind and MORE!

$200. per session
Sessions may take 45 minutes to 1 hour